June 2015 Recap

June highlights:

June 1  Statehouse Market

June brought the return of Nacho Mama's Food Truck to the Statehouse Market. The market features several farms selling everything from produce, flowers, honey, cheeses, to meats... and rotates in 10-12 food trucks every week. The market runs from the end of May through the first of October, and can be found at the corner of Senate & Washington every Thursday from 10:30-1:30.

You can find Nacho Mama's at Statehouse every other Thursday, starting June 1. After Zionsville, Statehouse Market is where I have the biggest fan base for my food. People appreciate the vegetarian and vegan options, but also appreciate that I'm fast. With over 12,000 employees at the Statehouse, there are a lot of people to feed in a short amount of time, so the faster the food, the more people you can serve. This year one of my Statehouse specialty nachos that got a great response was Mediterranean Nachos. They were a good summer mix with blue tortilla chips, roasted red pepper hummus, fresh cucumber salsa, fresh guacamole, and feta. Every time I didn't have this on the menu at Statehouse, people were disappointed and kept requesting it...so next year it will be a regular addition to the menu.


June 26-27  Road Rocket Rumble

The Rumble is another favorite event that I do every year with Chedr. This is a classic car show, that they call a "culture" show, because most of the car club members dress in true period garb. The guys look like 50's greasers, and the the gals look like pinup girls. They even have a pinup contest and a burlesque show, all kinds of rockabilly bands playing, and car workshops and vendors. It's a really fun weekend, as most of the same people have been coming back for many years. This was my fourth year, so I've become part of the Rumble family. It was especially cool, because Gypsy Moon (Jackie) did this event with me. Since we were only allowed to have one truck on site, we combined my nacho menu with her gourmet taco menu...and served it all out of my truck. This is one of the RARE occasions where I have served meat out of my truck...but since this crowd is like family, and that is what they crave....I gave the people what they wanted. We had record sales, so it worked....I just will only do it on rare occasions. Gotta keep it vegetarian!

So June was and always is, a busy month. 

May 2015 Recap

May is really the kickoff to food truck season. May 1st marked my three year anniversary, and the start of my fourth season. After seeing so many trucks come and go in that short time, I feel lucky to still have a place in the game. Especially since I'm one the few trucks that works independently, and not with a group or alliance. Not that I'm knocking those that are part of a group of trucks, just to say that it can be more difficult working independently sometimes. 

So a few highlights of May:

May 1  First Friday Food Truck Fest @ Old National Centre

The first food truck fest is always a fun one because we as food truck owners get to network and visit with one another, and this was the first time I had seen many of the trucks since the end of last year. This was also the first event that Gypsy Moon Nosh Wagon and I got to do together for the season, which made it even more fun because she and I always have fun together! It was cool to be able to introduce her to everyone and show her the ropes. We had met the previous year over the phone, and had become fast friends, but since she was based down in Bloomington, we had not crossed paths yet in the food truck, or been booked for any events together. So this was the first of many events we did together in 2015.

May 16  Brickstreet Market @ Main St., Zionsville

This was the second event of the season that Gypsy Moon did with me, although they had our food trucks spread out, about a block apart....so we didn't get to visit much until the event was over. This is such a busy event that it's hard to visit anyway. So Brickstreet Market is an annual event in Zionsville that features hundreds of arts and crafts vendors, and local food vendors. Only a few food trucks are invited each year, so I'm lucky to be involved. It draws about 12,000 people each year, and even with the rain this year, I broke my previous years sales record. I was so busy I barely got to shop, but what booths I did get to see definitely had unique, interesting, and artsy crafts...not just your average church bazaar crafts, if you know what I mean. Zionsville definitely comes out in support of this event, and the Zionsville Chamber as well as the community is very supportive of Nacho Mama's Food Truck and my vegetarian/vegan fare. They love me, and I love them, so I have to admit... Zionsville is probably my favorite place to do events in Indy. (Sorry Speedway)

Speaking of Speedway, we can't recap May without talking about the Indy 500. Especially since that's my hood. I can see the track from my front porch, and my street is now the main thoroughfare around the track now that Georgetown is closed to traffic. Needless to say, it's crazy as shit during race weekend (pardon my potty mouth, but it is!) and so I keep my truck parked for the weekend. It's difficult getting in and out with the traffic, my commissary kitchen is smack dab in the madness, and busy....so that makes production difficult as well. People always think I would make a killing selling food over the weekend, but really I can make more money parking cars in my yard and its a lot less hassle. Even parking my truck and selling food on my own property requires a permit from the town of Speedway, which isn't cheap. There's also a lot of traffic, but not as much foot traffic....until late Saturday night when all the crazy drunks are out wandering the streets....and that's not what I want to be dealing with. So while I don't mind being a casual observer to the madness which occurs over race weekend, I don't much like being in the mix. I guess I'm just getting too old to deal. 

So that was the ending to my May highlights....

March & April 2015 Recap

March I got Chedr up and running again after my friend Brian replaced my water pump, which had busted over the winter in the cold. Last winter I had to replace some of my pipes that had cracked, so I knew it was going to be something....it always is! So I did a few events down on Georgia St to get back into the swing of things. It was still pretty cold, so I wasn't out much in March.

April I wasn't out on the streets as much, but I had several catering gigs through Roaming Hunger  that kept me busy throughout the month. Roaming Hunger is a nationwide company that books food trucks and connects clients with trucks...of course for a fee. I do appreciate the leads that I get through them though. 

A few new items that I have added to the menu this year are:

Holy Guacamole Nachos ($8)     &      Gnarly Naptown Nachos ($10)

This was in response to so many people adding extras on to the Ultimate Nachos, so I just created the Holy Guacamole, which has fresh guacamole and refried beans added to the base Ultimate Nacho.

The Gnarly Naptown Nacho is basically every ingredient I stock on my food truck. I was leery to add such an expensive nacho to my menu since I like to keep my menu affordable, but instead of complaints on price I get the exact opposite, and glee for it being offered. it's a good one for people to share, but many want their own. Go figure! 

I share these observations because we all live and learn, and evolve. Same is true for my business. What I thought might work when I started isn't exactly what has ended up working after several years of the grind. My menu has evolved, but I still try to keep it simple. Each year has seen additions to the menu and several deletions. I'm always open to suggestions though. 

January & February 2015 Recap

January/February 2015

Spent most of January down in Florida visiting family and friends. I thought I would get a chance to check out some of the local food trucks in St. Pete and Bradenton, but it turned out the month that I was there that absolutely nothing was going on. There was food truck event happening at the end of January, but I had to get home to Indy before that, so I got to see nada.

When I did return to Indy, I came home and found that my front door had been kicked in. Nothing had been stolen, but they ruined the door frame as well as the door when they kicked in the hinges, so it cost me about $600 to fully fix and replace everything.  Welcome home, eh?!


Shortly after that I had a water pipe bust, so most of February was dealing with home improvements. Chedr stayed silent in the driveway for the duration of the winter.

December Updates

It's been a while since I've checked in here on the blog, so I figure it's time to post some updates. After a nice long summer season, Chedr is now hibernating for the winter, and I am enjoying some much needed time off. I have been keeping busy doing some of those things that I love to do, yet rarely find the time to do such as sewing, painting, writing, and just playing in my craft workshop. I've been working on a ton of Nacho Mama's merchandise ...whatever I can come up with that I can make or produce. I'll include some photos at the end of my post. I've also been making some cute patchwork clothes for my neices and nephews, new dresses for myself, and handmade Christmas presents. In between I've had some catering gigs, but for the most part I'm done with the truck for the season. If you are craving some Nacho Mama's this winter, I am available for private parties and private catering...just not with my truck. Feel free to email me if you have any questions as to availability and what I can offer. I should be back up and running with the truck full-time in March or April, depending on the weather.

As for the holidays, I am about to head down to Florida to spend the holidays with my family and friends down south, and while I'm there I plan on checking out the food truck scene down there. Tampa and Miami have a huge food truck presence, and many of the other big and smaller cities are following suit. Since the weather is perfect down there right now for food trucks (70 degrees) I hope to get to talk to and sample a good variety of trucks while there. I considered taking my truck down to Florida this winter, but instead I just plan to do some recon this year, so that I can possibly do it next winter. Want to see if it's worth the trouble to head down there and set up shop before I dive right in. Don't worry.... Nacho Mama's won't be leaving Indy, I'm just looking for some warmer weather so I can have my truck running in the winter as well. Up here in the winter it's just too cold for ChedR, and with it being a low rider, and difficult to drive and see as it is....I refuse to drive in or on any snow. I know some of the trucks can handle it, but Chedr is not having it.

I just got some great news this weekend....Chedr was nominated as a finalist for the 2014 Food Truck Design Awards! Not only is it great accolades for Nacho Mama's, but it also gives props to my brother Ryan Coleman for all his hard work and efforts that have gone into all Nacho Mama's graphics and logo design. So we need your votes to help us win! Click here to vote!

I hope you all have a great holiday and New Year! See you in a few months!

Some Nacho Mama's Artwork

Some Nacho Mama's Artwork

Nacho Mama's T-shirt

Nacho Mama's T-shirt

Nacho Mama's Skull Caps

Nacho Mama's Skull Caps

It's time for the Rumble again...

This week we are back at the Road Rocket Rumble....three days of hot rods, pin-up girls, and lots of car club socializing. There are all kinds of vendors, workshops, live music, a burlesque show...all kinds of activities to keep you busy for the weekend.  Mostly LOTS of cool cars to look at and drool over. All the cars are from 1965 and older....that is except for my Chedr. He's a bit newer being a 1968 Chevy, but I guess since I'm providing the food they let his birthday slide. The Rumble will be Thursday June 19- Saturday June 21 at the Clarion Waterfront Hotel. If you just want to come for the day it's $5 to get in I believe.

I'm also going to be at Statehouse Market on Thursday June 19 for lunch if you are downtown and want to get your nacho fix before the Rumble.


Peace & love Nacho freaks....

Statehouse Market Opening Day 5/22/14

The return of Statehouse Market happens on Thursday May 22, 2014. Opening Day will have several of your favorite food trucks including Nacho Mama's Food Truck, MacGenie, Chef Dan's, Little Eately, Dhaba Indy, Nicey Treat, Flying Cupcake, Byrne's Grilled Pizza, Duo's, Dashboard Diner, Taste of the Caribbean, and ScratchTruck. There will also be several local produce vendors to round out the market. The market runs every Thursday May-Oct from 10:30am-1:30pm at Robert Orr Plaza. (Nacho Mama will be there every other Thursday starting May 22.) Hope to see you at the Market!!

2012 Market

2012 Market

2013 Market

2013 Market

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