January & February 2015 Recap

January/February 2015

Spent most of January down in Florida visiting family and friends. I thought I would get a chance to check out some of the local food trucks in St. Pete and Bradenton, but it turned out the month that I was there that absolutely nothing was going on. There was food truck event happening at the end of January, but I had to get home to Indy before that, so I got to see nada.

When I did return to Indy, I came home and found that my front door had been kicked in. Nothing had been stolen, but they ruined the door frame as well as the door when they kicked in the hinges, so it cost me about $600 to fully fix and replace everything.  Welcome home, eh?!


Shortly after that I had a water pipe bust, so most of February was dealing with home improvements. Chedr stayed silent in the driveway for the duration of the winter.

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