June 2015 Recap

June highlights:

June 1  Statehouse Market

June brought the return of Nacho Mama's Food Truck to the Statehouse Market. The market features several farms selling everything from produce, flowers, honey, cheeses, to meats... and rotates in 10-12 food trucks every week. The market runs from the end of May through the first of October, and can be found at the corner of Senate & Washington every Thursday from 10:30-1:30.

You can find Nacho Mama's at Statehouse every other Thursday, starting June 1. After Zionsville, Statehouse Market is where I have the biggest fan base for my food. People appreciate the vegetarian and vegan options, but also appreciate that I'm fast. With over 12,000 employees at the Statehouse, there are a lot of people to feed in a short amount of time, so the faster the food, the more people you can serve. This year one of my Statehouse specialty nachos that got a great response was Mediterranean Nachos. They were a good summer mix with blue tortilla chips, roasted red pepper hummus, fresh cucumber salsa, fresh guacamole, and feta. Every time I didn't have this on the menu at Statehouse, people were disappointed and kept requesting it...so next year it will be a regular addition to the menu.


June 26-27  Road Rocket Rumble

The Rumble is another favorite event that I do every year with Chedr. This is a classic car show, that they call a "culture" show, because most of the car club members dress in true period garb. The guys look like 50's greasers, and the the gals look like pinup girls. They even have a pinup contest and a burlesque show, all kinds of rockabilly bands playing, and car workshops and vendors. It's a really fun weekend, as most of the same people have been coming back for many years. This was my fourth year, so I've become part of the Rumble family. It was especially cool, because Gypsy Moon (Jackie) did this event with me. Since we were only allowed to have one truck on site, we combined my nacho menu with her gourmet taco menu...and served it all out of my truck. This is one of the RARE occasions where I have served meat out of my truck...but since this crowd is like family, and that is what they crave....I gave the people what they wanted. We had record sales, so it worked....I just will only do it on rare occasions. Gotta keep it vegetarian!

So June was and always is, a busy month. 

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