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"A food truck gathering is a food lovers playground!  And out of 30 trucks to choose from, Vegan and Vegetarian fare was not hard to come by. The lovely truck Nacho Mama’s is completely Vegetarian.  No need to be concerned with cross contamination or accidentally coming across a piece of chicken here.  Now, I know I have a milk allergy that has been a battle, but without having any performances lately, I caved into the cheesy goodness when it came to this truck.  I’m not 100% Vegan, though I’ve been giving it my best effort the past 4 months.  I am 100% Vegetarian and go vegan when I have to.  But more on that another time.

This truck is worth hunting down!  Follow them on Twitter and find them on Facebook.  They’re good people who make good food.  And that, I can get on board with.

At only $4 a pop, these hot and cheesy nachos are great to share! Or, if you don’t play well with others, there’s no shame in downing an order all by yourself.  Or licking the cheese off of your fingers.  In public…Nacho Mama’s is just THAT good!"

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