October 2015 Recap

October is when food truck season starts to wind down. October 1st was the last Statehouse Market of the season, and October 2 was the last First Friday Food Truck Fest of the season. October 3 I went back out to DePauw for a late night catering gig...the Student Association pays food trucks to come in from Indy and serve up free food to the students staggering around campus drunk...trying to get some food in them to help sober them up maybe. I think it's a cool perk for the students, and of course I always appreciate getting paid to hand out free food...because everyone loves you for it! 

October 22 Saw the return of Chedr to Fountain Square for the Run317 event benefitting Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. There was a huge turn out for the race and the after-party where there was a DJ spinning and Sun King beer was flowing. I love being able to support local community projects, which is why I continue to participate every year.

I also participated in several Food Truck Friday's on Georgia Street in the month of October. Since the weather stayed pretty mild, we had decent crowds. Last year my truck was in the shop for a few weeks in October, and then it started snowing by Halloween, so my season ended earlier last year than it did this year. Just that extra month makes all the difference when trying to survive the winter with no income.

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