November 2015 Recap

November highlights....

November 14  Fall Festival @ Hamilton Town Center

This festival had all kinds of live music, local vendors, food trucks, an ice skating rink, a visit from Santa, and ended with fireworks. Super busy festival, lots of fun! A bit stressful though because just as I was about to get parked for the event, Chedr got stuck in first gear, and I couldn't move the gear shift. So we began the event with several people pushing Chedr into the parking space. Never a good way to start any event, but shit happens! Got to improvise, adapt, and overcome. I had customers lined up immediately, so I had to just get to work and deal with the mechanical issues later. Finally I had a few minutes to make some calls, and since I couldn't get ahold of Jeremy, I called Brian. Brian is the previous owner of Chedr, who has become a good friend of mine in the last three years. He is the one who made Chedr into a food truck, building the inside up, while Jeremy did the mechanical restoration. So even though he's not a mechanic, he knows how to fix some basic things, and has come to my rescue more times than I can count. This is exactly what he did on this day, even though he wasn't sure he could fix the stuck gears...he still came out to where I was to take a look at it. Luckily, the same thing had happened once before to him, and he watched Jeremy jiggle the gears from under the truck...which is what he did this time and hallelujah, it worked and he got the gear shift unstuck. Whew! I still need to have Jeremy take a look at it, so I'm just being careful for now. Plus we are near the end of the season....


November 19 & 20  National Catholic Youth Conference @ Georgia St

This was my last event of the season. It was super busy, with tons of teenagers wearing a variety of crazy hats. The third day of the event it snowed for the first time of the year, so I ended up canceling. It was getting colder, so it was time to winterize Chedr before it got too late. Don't want water freezing in my pipes and tanks especially.


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