Chedr is getting some new duds!

It's that time of year again...Chedr is in the shop for some yearly maintenence. Luckily nothing too serious needs to be done to my boy, but this year he's finally getting some shiny new tires. My mechanic called me earlier today to ask me if I realized that my front tire was about to explode, which of course I didn't, or I would have been freaking out! Don't know how I missed the big bubble erupting the length of my tread...but apparently I did. So after a couple of years of worrying about the state of my tires and how long they would last....they have finally given me the answer...NEW TIRES NOW!! Jeremy, Chedr's master mechanic, is finishing up the rest of the work today, so Chedr should be on the road and ready to go for this weekend. Nacho Mama's will be set up at The Brickstreet Market in Zionsville Saturday 10-4. There will be hundreds of super cool arts & crafts vendors to shop, as well as all the local stores along Main Street. It's a really fun event if you can make it out!

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