Happy Anniversary Chedr!

It's been exactly one year since Chedr became mine officially. On April 13, 2012 it was a chilly rainy day, but I paid for Chedr in full, and was able to take him home for the first time. I was terrified to drive Chedr, because I was still unfamiliar with driving a "three-on-the-tree" manual transmission...and with no power brakes and no power steering...it was definitely an adjustment. I had to really learn to drive Chedr, and for weeks I would only take it on the back roads, afraid something would happen. Chedr is a big piece of machinery, with a heavy load of equipment on board....corners have to be taken slower, equipment has to be bungied down, coming to a stop requires all muscle power of the legs...it was a workout for a long while. Over this last year though, my mechanic has made some adjustments to my brakes which has helped, and I've become accustomed to how to drive Chedr..which is basically just SLOWER. Slow and steady, and constantly aware of my surroundings. I've also figured out some of Chedr's idiosyncracies and quirks, and when it really doesn't sound right. Luckily my mechanic Jeremy has the expertise to fix absolutely anything, is reasonably priced, and is someone who I trust completely with the maintenence of my truck. Before I bought Chedr, Jeremy had done most of the mechanical restoration of the truck, so it's kind of his labor of love too. He spent six months with Chedr fixing him up. Now he gets to see Chedr regularly...with all the constant upkeep of a mobile operation.

So it's been a great year learning to love my 1968 Chevy Stepvan...(the last vehicle I loved as much was my 1970 Volkswagon Bus)...so here's to many more good years with Chedr!


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