Stickers, stickers, stickers...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I LOOOVE stickers. It probably started about the fourth or fifth grade with the "scratch-n-sniff" stickers, plastered all over my folders... colorful and smelly attempts at self expression at a young age. Over the years though, my love of stickers has not diminished...and as an adult I've used stickers to adorn my journals over the years, as well as my saxophone case, my guitar case, letters, gifts...anything that deems appropriate for stickers nowadays. I might be 41, but my inner teenage girl is still alive when I see stickers, posters, or patches. So I am so excited that I will have my very own stickers for sale here in the next week or so. Nacho Mama's Food Truck stickers will be selling for $2 each. Here is a sneak preview:

Nacho Mamas Sticker 1.jpg

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